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Medicare Man LLC is an independent insurance broker specializing in Medicare Health Plans.  Originally known as K&S Insurance Services, Medicare Man Insurance Services has been helping Medicare beneficiaries since 2007.


Why choose us?  It matters a great deal that our customers select the correct Medicare plan for their specific needs.  It does not matter to us which insurance company that plan comes from.  Our process is to educate Medicare beneficiaries about the different Medicare health plans available and guide them in selecting the right Medicare plan for their specific needs.  As independent agents we can comparison shop multiple insurance companies to offer our clients the coverage they want at the most competative price!


Our Story.  Medicare Man Insurance Services was originally known as K&S Insurance Services.  K&S Insurance Services was founded in 2007 and named after husband and wife, Sean and Kira Willingham (pictured below).  At the time Sean was working as an insurance agent for an insurance agency that was in multiple states.  The insurance agency Sean worked for offered many more products than just Medicare plans, but Sean had always enjoyed helping people with Medicare and had therefore created a specialty in Medicare Health Plans.  In 2007, Kira became a licensed Life and Health insurance agent and decided to help Sean create a firm concentrating on Medicare.  Since then Medicare Man LLC has helped thousands of Medicare beneficiaries with Medicare!



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